Customer Questions

What should I expect on a session?

What you should expect is lots of direction and talking.  I like to get to know my clients and what they want out of the time we have together.  I strive to make my sessions comfortable and very candid.  You won’t remember the posed moments in your life but the moments when you are laughing and having the best time possible.  My goal is to capture those moments.

How long does it take to get my photos back?

For all portrait sessions the time varies but I try to have everything  processed within 7 business days.  During the peak wedding season in the fall I do add an extra 7 days.  For Wedding processing the time is 7-21 business days.

What if the kids don't cooperate?

I find that the only time kids really don’t cooperate is when they are hungry or haven’t had their naps.  When I photography families and children I work around the child’s schedule if they are still napping.  When children come to a session the photography itself can make them really tired because for most it will be a new experience for them and more than likely a new location with lots of new things to see and hear.

Do you edit all the photos and do you retouch?

Yes, all photos that are given to my clients will be edited and I do retouch photos if it is necessary.

What should I wear ?

I generally have a consultation via email with my clients to see what they look like and where we are photographing before I give them ideas on what to wear.  I go over wardrobe style and color as well as accessories.  For girls I also give suggestions on makeup and hair.  You want to be comfortable but also want to make this an experience that you wouldn’t other wise be able to capture yourself.  

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